Who am I?

My name is Steven Lovegrove and I've recently completed my PhD within the Robot Vision Group at Imperial College London under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Davison. I'm no longer at Imperial.
Sep' 2013: Spline Fusion: Our Oral presentation at BMVC was well received.
Oct' 2012: Our workshop paper, A holistic framework for planning, real-time control and model learning, Nima Keivan, Steven Lovegrove and Gabe Sibley, was accepted at IROS.
May 2012: I've started my post-doctoral research position with Prof. Gabe Sibley at George Washington University to work on robust perception for agile ground vehicles (or Ninja Cars!).
Jan' 2012: I've formally completed my PhD, thesis corrections n'all. You may read it here; Parametric Dense Visual SLAM. I believe it approaches the topic in quite an easy to read manner, and my hope is that it may be most useful to fresh-faced PhD students familiarising themselves with the matter.
Nov' 2011: Richard, Andy and Myself won Best Demo award at ICCV2011 to go along with our paper there, DTAM: Dense Tracking and Mapping in Real-time.
June 2011: I just presented a paper at IV2011, "Accurate Visual Odometry from a Rear Parking Camera" and have uploaded the paper and slides for those who are interested.
Nov' 2010: GVars Highlighter Definition for those who might find it useful.
Nov' 2010: I've uploaded some illustrations. Why not Check them out?
June 2010: Mine and Andrew Davisons paper entitled "Real-time Spherical Mosaicing Using Whole Image Alignment" has been accepted for publication at ECCV 2010.
Jan' 2010: Using a Windows 7 tablet and are writing maths in ? You might like my new very simple app, TexTablet.


My current research focus is within real-time scene model aquisition from a monocular camera. I'm looking at fast, robust, scalable techniques applicable to mobile robotics and augmented reality.


Other Stuff

You'll find a mish-mash of relatively geeky stuff on this site - a couple of free apps, lots of lego, some photos and some info. Check out the links on the left; personal projects generally consist of running with a stupid idea, and often some LEGO.


UPDATE: I've migrated to Flickr. Check out my Flickr Page, or take a quick look at my embedded CoolIris Gallery

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