Multi-Object Motion Tracking

My Interest in Computer Vision

I'm very interested in Computer-World interaction, and this project followed from the look-arround-3D-shape camera project. I wanted to enable the computer to process video at a higher level. Though there is more work to do, the current incarnation can separate foreground objects that are in motion, predicting their center-of-mass with a cross-hair, and bounding them with a box.

Tracking Juggling balls

Screenshot demonstrating tracking of some juggling balls in real-time.

The Future

The next step is to add continuity to the model, so that the program can judge and predict what objects are doing, and allowing for occlusion. Fortunately, for my third year group project I get to build on this motion tracking premise. See 'Face Recognition' under Academic projects for more information.

I'd also like to combine my interest in electronics with motion tracking, to produce some autonomous vehicle. To save money, the processing could be done on a workstation via wireless link (such as Bluetooth).


I used MS Visual C++ and the DirectX SDK, so to get the source working, you'll also need the DX SDK. The Executable should run fine as-is though.

Get MotionTracking

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