2-4 Player TRON across two TI-8x Calculators

Multi-player, Multi-calculator, ASM TRON - Cool eh?

OK, I'd just started A-Level further Maths, had decided to buy a graphical calculator and wanted to get my moneys worth, so I made TRON for my calculator. Since most of my class had the same calculator, I decided it would be a wasted opportunity if we couldn't get two calculators hooked up. Synchronisation issues and concurrency were the main obstacles, but it all worked pretty well in the end! In case you're wondering, the TI-8x series by Texas have ZX80's in them, so there was plenty of documentation on programming for them. You are also able to make use of standard methods installed for the OS which is handy for driving the LCD.

What is TRON?

Tron (or light-cycles) is an Atari classic which even featured in the film of the same name. Each player controls a 'light-cycle' which is controlled using two keys which direct the cycle left and right. Each cycle leaves a permanent trail. A player is eliminated if their cycle collides with a trail; The winner is the last player standing.


Screenshot of the game in two-player mode

Download TI-8x TRON

Get TRON for TI-86

Get TRON source

To compile the source, you'll need to get the Texas TI-8x SDK

Installing and Playing TRON

In order to install TRON, you must use your Texas management software and get yourself a link cable. After installation, you can find the game under your apps menu. The options are toggled by pressing the number that is displayed against each item.

If there is a single player on a calculator (2-3 players multi-calc) use button '0' to turn left, and '-' to turn right.

If there are two people on a single calculator (2 players single calc, or 4 players multi-calc) then player one should use '7' for left, '1' for right, and player two should use '3' for left, and '9' for right.

The calculator does not allow individual keys to be tested, so holding one down will block other keys. If your controls become un-responsive, tell your opponent that he is cheating and declare yourself winner.


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