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I decided it was about time to make all the stuff I've made available to the public, and wanted a nice respectable site to host it all. Frustrated with how little you can include on a CV, I also decided to make my website an extension of my CV, a place that I can refer people to, a place that represents who I am, and what I do.


I'm still in the process of adding functionality to the site; currently I've only been working on static pages. Since I want the site to be mega maintainable and upgradeable, I've decided to encode each page as an xml document (DTD to be defined...). How the document is displayed will depend on its root type. The xml document contains ONLY structural information, and does not even determine what renders it (as may be the case in typical 'maintainable' websites). This is different from simply applying a style sheet. Since most languages now have facilities to parse xml, dealing with xml documents is a breeze.

I'm very cautious over web compatibility, so although the site is primarily navigable using JavaScript to parse xml in the client, browsers that don't support this functionality (or where it is disabled) will not over-ride the default linking provided by a php backend. Using the non-overriden links will (eventually) get the server to transform the xml articles automatically.

The benefit of loading xml in the client is that the whole page needn't be reloaded, only the article feature. This reduces server load and client response time as well as providing the possibility of dynamic transitions, though I'm still considering whether a user would appreciate it or not.

Why not take a look at the xml document that the menu was created from, or this article


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