Zany Clock (Work in Progress)

a Zany Clock?

It started as an A-Level electronics project, but I think there is a lot of potential for my Zany clock. The premise is that this analogue clock has arms controlled by accurate Stepper motors, enabling precise control. The clock can then enter many states where it behaves differently, such as going backward for an hour, or randomly swinging its arms around at at the hour. It could also serve as an alarm clock by entering alarm set mode. You may think such an erratic clock would be impossible to sell, but I originally had the idea of seeing a backward clock that went anti-clockwise. Digital clocks often have many functional advantages over conventional analogue ones, but tend to be much uglier.

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ZanyClock Module

One of the Zany Modules

No Microprocessor

For my original project, I wasn't allowed to use a microprocessor, so as you can imagine the circuitry got pretty messy, and some of the most exciting features were excluded. I can't wait to find the time to re-design the clock sensibly (with a microprocessor) and build it. I'm also thinking of including Bluetooth control to set the alarm, and synchronise time with my computer.

Integrating Modules

All the Zany modules connected together.

The plan

This could be extended to the idea of a 'Networked Clock' connected via Bluetooth to a computer which in turn has access to the net to download user 'Zanyness', keep birthday reminders and appointments etc. Maybe we could even squeeze a line of LED's on an arm and get it to write in the air?!?


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