Where am I?

UPDATE: Google latitude makes this project rather redundant. Check out Where I am from my contact page

What do you do with too much free time, a smart phone, and GPS?

...You make an incriminating site that shows where you are 24-hours a day, in real-time, with history. The marker on the map below is my current location (or my location the last time I took my GPS device out with me), and the blue trail is where I've been recently. Click and drag the map to move arround.

Steve's Map


Center on Steve

Want to know where I am... In 3D?

You can also watch me jet arround the country in Google Earth by loading the file below.

Steve's Earth

UPDATE: My apologies, but watching my location in Google Earth is currently disabled. Sorry.

How it's done

There are three aspects to getting my current location into your browser in real-time. These being:

  • The phone software
  • The server software
  • and the Dynamic HTML web-browser-xml-download stuff (now commonly called AJAX).

Sat at home is my server, with a small java program running on it that can communicate with my phone via MQTT, and with your browser by listening on a port and serving up files as a web-service. My phone is connected via bluetooth to a cheap 'ol GPS device, and the phone compresses the data, works out if it is usefull enough to send back to the server, and if it is, it uses MQTT to publish to a GPS topic (see the MQTT site). The java GpsServer is 'subscribed' to this topic, and updates its records. Your browser, currently viewing this page, is regularly asking the server for an XML document (Google Earth KML format) describing my history as generated by listening to my phone, and using the Google Earth API to draw all this if anything has changed.



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