Recommended Places and Faces

More People in Localisation and Mapping at Imperial

  • Dr. Andrew Davison
    My supervisor, and a pioneer in real-time Simultaneous Localisation and mapping from agile cameras.
  • Adrien Angeli
    "High Frame-Rate SLAM and Tracking"
  • Margarita Chli
    "Applying Information Theory techniques to improve the robustness and efficiency of SLAM"
  • Gerardo Carrera
    "Large Scale Visual SLAM"
  • Hauke Strasdat
    "Efficient Filtering for High Speed SLAM"
  • Ankur Handa
    "Efficient Image Processing for High Speed SLAM"

Software you should use!

  • RobotVision
    Robotic vision library hosted at OpenSlam.org, written largely by Hauke Strasdat.
  • Media Badger
    Media Badger, for the win. Manages your music, series and films seemlessly, with plugins to support integration with many popular websites, including the BBC iPlayer, for those of you in the UK. I have a vested interest in its success since I designed the icon - I know, great isn't it!
  • MQTT
    Light weight publish & subscribe messaging broker.

More Geeks (They'll admit it)

I've met a lot of great techno geeks in my rather limited travels. You can catch up with some of them in their technology blogs.

  • EightBar
    EightBar is an unofficial technology blog from some interesting characters in and around IBM's Hursley Park Lab.
  • epredator
    "The real life of a metaverse evangelist".
  • Roo Reynolds
    "Blog of Roo Reynolds, UK-based Metaverse Evangelist, blogger and geek"

More Talented People

  • Bearfaced Records
    An upcoming record label run by some good friends of mine, and featuring some talented artists.
  • Eaten by Monsters
    "Eaten by Monsters are an indie folk band with pretensions to being literate and intellectual". Signed to Bearfaced Records, you should definately give them a listen.
  • The Holy Trinity
    Take five and think about something a little different with the Holy Trinity.


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