DocSoc (Department of Computing Society) Website Design Competition

The Competition

The aim of the competition was to create a new webpage for the Department of Computing Society (DocSoc). The Competition was open to all Department of Computing students.

They wanted to give the society more appeal by creating a visually appealing, and interactive website. I was told that it was a split panel between my entry, and the overall winner, and I received the runners up prize.

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About the Site

The site uses the kerberos authentication system within the department of computing at Imperial to retrieve a users username which can in turn be used to get user-groups without requiring a user to enter this information, or specifically register for the site. This allowed individuals in the same groups, such as courses or research programs to share events and meetings, as well as plan their personal arrangements, all from a single web interface.

The whole site was designed to encourage all Computing students to maintain and share their own information, with administrators able to edit and moderate content as required.

Please view the site, and read about the features for yourself!


The site uses PHP and Postgres server-side, xhtml strict and CSS client-side. If you are a fan of text browsers you will find it is fully functional in these too, and looks pretty good!


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